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STARDEK COATINGStm  provide three different systems from which to choose. All three systems begin with proper surface preparation using such techniques as acid etching and pressure washing, grinding, or shot blasting. Click on these links to learn more about each system


The STARDEK coatings systems are made of the highest quality materials. Excellent acrylics, binder resins, cements, and epoxies. STARDEK is slip resistant and cooler than concrete. The ideal application for pool decks and spas, millions of square feet have been installed nationwide.

Advantages of Decorative Concrete Solutions STARDEK

  • We not only offer our Manufacturer's 10 year product guarantee, but we provide a 3 year guarantee on our workmanship.

  • Incredibly cost effective.

  • Maintenance free year after year.*

  • Seals the concrete preventing stains even from petroleum products.

  • Prevents the growth of slippery, unsightly mildew on damp areas.

  • Converts bare concrete into a beautiful  colored / patterned textured surface, unmatched by it's creative  flexibility and long lasting durability.

  • Provides increased anti-slip safety.

  • Increases in several  strength categories that make STARDEK systems the premier concrete coating system. 

*resealing is required every two to four years

After the spray coating has been applied and all masking and stenciling products are cleaned up, all three systems are finished with two coats of a 30% acrylic sealer. These sealers protect against staining from petroleum products, mildew, rust, leaves, pine needles. Look at our comparative strength chart to see the advantages these STARDEK  Coatings have over plain concrete.

Acid Staining can be an economical and very beautiful method for improving an existing concrete slab. Done in either a single color or multiple colors across a solid area or an engraved pattern, acid staining offers a unique decorative touch. 

To view Acid Stain Colors, click here.



Stamped and Hand carved Overlays are the ultimate in surface transformation. Following proper surface preparation a half inch or more of modified concrete is placed across the plain surface, colored , and then either stamped or carve by hand to create an extremely realistic stone, brick, tile, or custom design. These over lays can be used on virtually any horizontal or vertical surface, interior or exterior.

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