New Construction Products

Integrally Colored Concrete is economical and offers just a little something different. Multiple areas can be poured with several different colors of concrete and a design or pattern can be created to provide higher esthetic value.

Acid Staining and then Engraving to achieve color and pattern. The acid staining provides an array of colors. With the addition of an engraving simple mock patterns such as brick or tile can be achieved. While not a true mock texture the acid staining and engraving technique does fool the eye to an extent. The low profile of this product lends it to areas that you may want to eliminate any trip hazards, such as walks, ramps, and entries that must meet A. D. A. Standards. Intricate designs such as logos can be created with the use of multiple colors.

Colored and Stamped Concrete is the absolute best product on the market today for achieving a stone, brick, tile, or even custom piece of work. This products incorporates all the strength and durability of concrete with the eye catching looks of mock natural products. With the various methods of coloring and all the tools available, virtually any color and pattern combination can be achieved.

Cast in Place Concrete Walls are an economical and extremely durable option to traditional block or brick walls. With the use of form liners we are able to achieve virtually any pattern found in traditional building products. Various methods of color again allow us to create a wall virtually indistinguishable from the real brick or stone product.



Concrete Countertops offer extreme durability, excellent flexibility to fit a counters specific needs, and the opportunity to have a truly one of a kind surface. Various coloring methods combined with various aggregates can produce some spectacular pieces of art.

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