Additional Services 

Decorative Concrete Solutions offers several other services to help meet you construction needs.

Concrete Polishing, Surface Reclamation - We have a 32" HTC 800HDX Floor Grinder/ Polishing system, that can serve many purposes from coatings removal, leveling, to producing polished Floors. We also have a 9 inch self propelled shot blaster that is used to prepare surfaces for coating.

Site Reclamation - Drainage Solutions
If you need concrete demolished and removed from site we will leave your site clean and ready for that new stamped concrete slab. We also clear small to mid size lots. We offer grading and drainage solutions.

Concrete Cutting 
If you are in need of additional concrete controls joints we have several cutting methods to match your needs. We can do green cutting with a Softcut machine, or we can cut your cured slabs or walls. Keep in mind a concrete slab should have control joints placed no greater than twice the distance in feet as it is thick. For instance a 4 inch thick slab should have a control joint at least every 8 feet if not closer. Considering many contractors pour driveways using 3 1/2 inches or 3 3/4 inches of concrete, you may need control joints every 6-7 feet.
Light Tractor Work and Hauling 
Skidsteer, backhoe, trackhoe, vibratory rolling services available. As well as hauling from 2 to 40 tons.
Site Design Hardscapes and Landscapes 
With a Bachelors in Fine Art from East Carolina University and over 12 years of Landscape experience we are able to design in a traditional, contemporary, or abstract style.


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