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Many parts of the greater Denver area are in the foothills, and elevation changes on any parcel of property may require that a retaining wall be constructed to shore up a foundation, direct water flow, or provide useable space adjacent to a building. Retaining wall materials vary according to the aesthetic and need presented on the property. Many times in the area natural stone is used, a non-renewable resource. Natural stone, while beautiful and fitting into the surrounding natural beauty of our area, has limits for weight bearing and retention, often is done as stacked stone rather than masonry built, meaning it allows water to pass through, and they tend to be expensive if you have to purchase granite, slate, fieldstone, or limestone to complete the project. A good alternative that can offer a stronger wall at a more economical price is a concrete retaining wall that is formed then faced in stone veneer, or colored and patterned to fit into the landscape.

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Versatile Concrete Retaining Walls Denver

Concrete is a versatile material for retaining walls because the walls are poured into wooden forms. Using wood allows the shapes to bend or be built around objects, and the concrete provides a substantial and solid base footer or wall material that holds up well to the elements and is generally less expensive than a comparable dimension natural stone or masonry wall. Concrete can be dyed, stained, or stamped, or forms can be wrapped or lined in materials to create colors and patterns to blend the wall into the natural surroundings. Concrete also can be reinforced, as well as made solid with drainage formed into the structure to help control the load bearing weight on hill facings and erosion and water run-off.

Decorative Concrete Contractors Denver has many years of experience building both natural stone and concrete retaining walls. Our trained staff knows what materials will work best for the retention issues you are facing, and how to design and construct a wall that both adds value and safety for your property, while perhaps even gaining more utilizable space on your property. Call us for a free estimate and let us provide options for the retaining wall that works best for your property.

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